Today I am doing a speech about soccer.
"Yay" Messi scored a goal for Barcelona we are winning 1-0.My heart is beating because we are in the finals versing Real Maraid, we are versing at the 19th of January. It has to be a good game.

Do you want to be fit? Then play soccer. Soccer makes you become fit and healthy. At least play soccer for 40 minutes if you like soccer, then you can play more than forty minutes. Did you know that professional soccer players practise up to four hours a day? For FIFA 2014 Germany won the world cup although Brazil won the most world cups, in fact they won 5 of them.

Soccer is really fun sport to play of you haven't played soccer before, then you should try it, its lots of fun. Even though Maradona is the best player in the world, I think Messi is a little better than Maradona.

Soccer is easy to play all you have to do is dribbling and passing saving when you start soccer you are going to be kind of bad at it and then when you play more soccer you get better and better at it and then when you played soccer for a few years you get really good and probably you can play for an international soccer team or club

Thank you for listening to my soccer speech