Ashley's Reading log

Reading stratagies I used while reading:
Billionaire Boy
At school there was a new girl and everyone thought she was so pretty.She started to ask Joe what the first lesson is and he couldn't believe that she was actually talking to him.They went to history together and Joe couldn't stop looking at her so the teacher asked him a question about what she was talking about and he couldn't answer it so the girl helped him out.
I connected with the story.My connection was that a new girl came to my class before.
The Costume Copycat
When Angela was four she wanted to be a fairy for halloween but her older sister was a bunny.Every year Angela's sister always had the better costumes and everyone liked hers better.Soon the next halloween came and her older sister was sick,so she new she would be the one that had the most candy.
The stratagie that I used while reading was questioning.My question was why did everyone like Angela's sisters costume better then her own?
Mermaid Curse (2)
Lizzy woke up early in the morning and she could see the boats in the ocean.She really liked Cornwell but she couldn't believe that her family only stayed there for 2 weeks.Lizzy planned on seeing Kes at the beach,so she put her swimsuit on and went down for breakfast.
I visualised Lizzy put her swimsuit on and go down stairs to have breakfast with her family.
Mermaid Curse (2)
While ken and Arhans were swimmed iin the ocean,Arhans told him that the queens helpers were coming after Ken and his mother to get the pearl.So they rushed back home and Ken told Morvyr (his mum) what is happening and she started to panic.She came up with a plan.Her plan was that the dolphins find a place far away so they would be in hiding.Arhans agreed.
The stratagie that I used was questioning.My question was that why does the queen want the pearl so much.
Billionaire Boy
chapter 14-15
Joe and Lauren were sitting down on a bench and Joe bought each of them candy.Raj could tell that Joe was trying to impress her.Then the Grubb's appered behind them and they said to Joe that he needed to give them more money.So he thought that if he gave them each $20 they would leave them but Lauren kicked and punched the Grubb's.
I summerised the story.My summerie was that Joe and Lauren sitting down and the Grubb's started to appear at the backof them .Then they asked Joe to give them more money so he thought that if he gave them $20 they would go away.Instead Lauren kicked and punched the Grubb's and they ran away.
Mermaid Curse (2)
pg23-pg 38
When Lizzy arrived at the beach there was a lot of people there,swimming,fishing and sitting on the sand.She waited for awhile because she was really early and Kes didn't come yet.When she looked at her watch she couldn't believe how fast the time went and she was worried that Kes forgot.
I visualised Lizzy arriving at the beach and when she waited on the beach for Kes.I also visualised Lizzy starting to walk in the sea and when she dived into the water.
Mermaid Curse (2)
In the morning Lizzy saw a ambulance so she rushed to Rose's room and told her because Rose's boyfriend went to ride his boat with his dad and they were worrying wheether they got injured.So they asked their mum and dad wheether they could go and have a look and they said yes but only in haly an hour.Rose waited and waited until half an hour past.Rose's boyfriend told them that a guy was washed up and that was why the ambulance was there.
The stratagie that I used was questioning.My question was that why did lizzy and Rose's mum and dad tell them them that they could go but they needed could only go in half an hour.
Mermaid Curse (2)
In the afternoon Rose went to her boyfriends house for a few hours.When she came back Lizzy and their mum and dad were having tea and Rose told them information about the guy that was injured.She told them that the guy was going to stay with her boyfriend because the police talked to the injured man and he said he was a friend of her boyfriends (Paul) dad.
I made a connection with the story.My connection was that someone was hurt and someone told my family about it.
The Wishing Jug
5- 20
This poor boy called Tuppeny lived with his mother and father in a little cottage in the village of Trim. He always wished he would become a prince and have a red and gold cloak and a hanging glittering sword by his side.So this man appered behind himand he said that he forgot his key and he counldn't get inside.So Tuppeny said what will you give me in return and the man said that he will give hime the cloak and the sword that he wanted.
I pridicted that the story would be about a boy that finds a magical jug that will make your wishes come true and when the boy wishes on it all he every wanted came true because of the picture and the tittle on the front of the book.
The Thirteen Ghosts
Pg1-Pg 20
At night Geronimo Stilton went to the Rodent's Gazette.When he got there he could see the light turned on from outside and he realised the window was opened to.when he went inside his office a bat flew through the window giving Geronimo a scroll.He opened and there was a storycalled Thirteen Ghosts by Creepella Von Cracklefur.
I pridicted that the story would be about a girl and her bat going to see thirteen ghosts because of the picture and the tittle on the front cover.I was right.
The Thirteen Ghosts
Pg20 - Pg35
Creepella needed to write a new story for the Shivery News because everyone in Mysterious Valley reads it.She thought of a tittle already and it was The Secret Life Of The Ghosts Of Mysterios Valley.She wanted to get in the mood of writing a new thrilling story so put some make-up on and a dress.
The stratagy I used while reading was questioning.My question was that why does Creepella need to put a new dress and some make-up to write a new story.
The Thirteen Ghosts
Pg35 - Pg47
Creepella went to the dinning room when ,she was finished eating she went to her grandfathers study room.First she walked down a long hallway,turned right and opened a door.On the door there was a sign that said Granpa Frankenstein's Study keep out, or I'll turn you into a mummy.
I visualised Creepella go down the long hallway,turn right and open the door.I also visualised her eating breakfast and the sign on the door.
Mermaid Curse 3
Lizzy woke up early in the morning and her sister,Rose to hury up.They were going to go to the dock to say bye to Mr Treleaven,Paul and Jake Carrick (Lizzy's real dad).When they got there they all said goodbye and they finally left.Lizzy waved at Jake and then he waved back once.
The strategy that I used was questioning.My question was that why did Jake only wave once?
Mermaid Curse 3
When lizzy was about to leave the dock Arhans came and talked to her.Arhans Could understand Lizzy but Lizzy still couldn't really understand Arhans.Rose was walking and she heard Arhans but she wasn't really sure.Then Rose said "who are you talking to?"Lizzy didn't answer.
I made a connection with the story.My connection was that I have been to a dock before.
The Thirteen Ghosts
Creepella's Grandpa gave her some ideas of were to go to interveiw a ghost.He said to go to Squekspeare Mansion. she had a Turborapid 3000 for her car.When she got in her niece ran up to her and said "can I go with you.Creepella asked her bat to come to so he could take notes
The stratagie I used was questioning.My question was how could a bat take notes ?
Mermaid Curse 3
1 chapter
Mr Carrick told Lizzy that Mr Trelleaven new that Lizzy and Kes were mermaids and that they were both Mr Carrick's children.So the next day Mr Carrick asked Lizzy wheether she wanted to come on his trawler.Mr Carrick also invited Rose.It was the day Lizzy and Rose were going on the trawler,Lizzy said to Rose "Are you sure you want to go because last time we went on the boat trip you got sea sick".Rose egnored.
I inferred that Lizzy doesn't want Rose to go to the trawler trip because she kept asking questions .
Chloe The Topaz Fairy
1 chapter
Kristy was shopping with Rachel to Isabel's halloween party.Kristy was staying at Rachel's for half a term and they just went bowling with some of Rachel's friend and on of them invited both of them to her halloween party.
I pridicted that the story would be about a fairy called Chloe and she was the Topez fairy.
Chloe The Topez Fairy
1 Chapter
Rachel's mum said to Rachel and Kristy to hang up the christmas lights.They went in the garage and tried to find the box then they finally found it.They started to hang the christmas lights then a fairy come up to them.
I made a connection.My connection was that I have hung christmas lights before on christmas with my family.
whole book
There was an old lady that always wanted a child to keep her company but she couldn't get one.So she went to her neighbour the witch to give her a child,so the witch started to feel sorry for the old lady so she gave her a shinny seed and told her to plant it in the ground.The old lady listened to the witch and planted it in the soil.It took 1 week then a tiny little girl came out of the flower.They were so happy until a frog kidnapped Thumbelina.
I visualised the old lady going to the witch and planting the seed.I also visualised Thumbelina coming out of the flower and the frog kidnapping her.
The Princess And The Pea
Whole Book
There was one a king and queen and there son. The queen always wanted the best for her son.So when the day came when the prince needed to marry the mother told him all these stuff about finding the perfect princess.He first talked to the king and queen from another castle and they liked him so they showed him their daughter.When he got in he thought she was so beautiful but when she said hello her voice was so crackly.
I pridicted that the story would be about a beautiful princess that meets a prince and she lies on a pea.
Mermaid Curse 3
Rose and Lizzy went to meet Jake, Paul and Mr Trelleaven at the dock.They went on the trawler and they started to move.Meanwhile Mr Trelleaven was controlling the Trawler.Paul asked lizzy and Rose wheether thay wanted sea tea .They haven't tried that tea before ,so they both tried it and they both hated it.When Paul wasn't looking Rose threw it into the water.
I made a connection with the story.My connection was that I haven't drank sea tea before.
Mermaid Curse 3
Lizzy couldn't stop thinking of Kes .So she asked Jake when he would be coming.Suddenly she saw a black figure in the water and it turned out to be Kes .They then dived into the water and the dolphins led them to Tarans kingdom.Tullor then came and told Lizzy to put the silver pearl on the rock.Tullor asked Kes to tell the dolphins to go.
The strategy that I used when I was reading was questioning.My question was why did Tullor ask Kes to tell the dolphins that they could leave.
Spindle River
1 chapter
He stopped at the end of Landark's High Street and let a family that came from the far North,ride on his cart for the last ten miles.He then said "You need to jump down here",to the family.The mother came out with Davie in her arms,then Henny, Jockie,Betty and Tam(her 4 older children) jumped out.
I pridicted that the story would be about these boys meeting each other and about a spindle river.
Bad Beginnings
1 chapter
Violet,Klausand Sunny Baudelaire were all siblings.They were all intelligent children.Violet was the eldest ,she liked to skip rocks and always think about new inventions that she could build.Klaus was the middle child and the only boy.He liked to examine creatures.Sunny,the youngest,liked to bit everything.
I made a connection with the story.My connection was that I have an older sister .
Mermaid Curse 4
1 chapter
Lizzy,Rose and their parents went to the aquarium to look at Tullor.When they arrived they first payed for their ticket and went inside .Their mum and dad were behind Lizzy and Rose because their dada kept on looking at the seahorses because he was so interested.They then saw a bunch of people standing around a huge fish tank,that was bigger than others.They walked in but Lizzy stayed behind.She was to scared to go in but everybody started to make space for her.
I visualised them walking in the aquarium and the huge fish tank.I also visualised the people looking at the fish tank.
Mermaid Curse 4
While Lizzy,Rose and their mum and dad were at the aquarium,Lizzy asked her mum whether she could go to the beach the next day.Her mum said yes.When they got home Lizzy stumbled into her room and got her beautiful shell(that Kes gave her when they first met on the beach and listened carefully for Kes's voice.She then whispered "Kes,can you ask Arhans whether she can meet me at the beach and take me to you."It was quiet for a while but then she heard Arhans.
The strategy that I used while reading was questioning.My question was that,what would happen if Taran was making the noise that Lizzy heard in the shell and Lizzy believed it was Arhans?
Operation Bunny
3 chapters
Daisy Dashwood and Ronald Dashwood were married.They had everthing they could dream of:a housein the suburbs,with box hedges shaped like squirrels,2 cars in the drive with custumed number plates-her 1 and his 2,a tennis court,a small swimming pool,a gym.They even owned a villa in Malaga in Spain.The only thing the wanted was a baby.Mrs String,their next door neighbourtold them to that Daisy should make a wish.On the check of the noisy bat.
I pridicted that the story would be about a girl meeting a huge cat and little bunnies and they go on a mission.
Operation Bunny
3 chapters
Daisy was expecting triplets and they were all girls.When the triplets were born they were named Peach,Petal and PlumThey all had sticking-out red ears like their father,they also had blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair like their mothers.Everything the babies did was recorded on tape.

Operation Bunny
3 chapters
By the time the triplets were 2 and a half,Daisy Dashwood had found them a theatrical agent.At three years old,Peach,Petal and Plum were earning lots of money as little models in TV adverts.While Emily was left by her self at home cleaning the dirty house.Everyday Emily's adoptive mother would set her little tests,leaving a small piece of paperunder a lamp stand or a kettle,just to make sure she cleaned all the surfaces properly.
The stratagie I used while reading was questioning.My question was what would happen if Emily runs away?
Operation Bunny
2 chapters
Emily and Fidget ran away from home.They first got tickets to go to London.They started to wait for the train to arrive.Although Fidget was a cat no one noticed because he had a big hat and a coat on.The person that gave them the tickets didn't notice at all to because the whole time his head was down and he was focused on something else.When they got on the bus Daisy and Ronald appeared and they started to shout out Emily's name and Emily didn't want to look at them otherwise she wouldn't be happy anymore
I inferred that Emily doesn't miss or care about Daisy and Ronald because she didn't want to look at them .
Operation Bunny
3 chapters
When they arrived in London Emily got really so Fidget opened his rucksack and looked inside until he found what he was looking for.He then pulled out a kettle and buy his side was a tea cup.The tea cup then pulled out his friend and two saucers,while the milk jug and suger bowl played tug-of-war.Then he took out some cookies.
I visualised Fidget pulling out a kettle and by its side was a tea cup.I also viualised the tea cup pulling out his friend and the milk jug suger bowl playing tug-of-war.
EJ12 Choc Shock
3 chapters
Emma Jack's had a dog ,a very fluffy and very cute husky puppy called Pip , and a cut jet-black kitten called Inky. She didn't think these two animals were enough but her mum said she couldn't get anymore pets. Emma then reminded her mum that when she was a little girl she had a dog, five cats, three budgies, two terrapins, eight mice, a dove and for a short while they had two lambs. Emma's mum still said no.
- I inferred that Emma's family really likes to have pets.

-The strategy I used while reading was questioning. My question was how could they take care of all those animals?
EJ12 Drama Queen
3 chapters
After Emma came back from gym she threw her bag in the cupboard and ran to her room.She put her hand under her beanbag but there was nothing there.She always kept her secret diary under her beanbag.Emma looked around in her house,she couldn't find anything until she went to her brothers room and found her diary on his beanbag,open and it had mud all over the most important page in her diary.She raced downstairs and started shouting at her brother,blaming him for taking her diary.While they were arguing their mum and dad were just sitting there.Her brother,Bob couldn't take it any more so he went outside.Emma's mum,dad and brother called her a drama queen.A few days past and Emma's dad and brother went to the movies while Emma and her mum watched a movie at home on TV.
Infer-I inferred that Emma is really sensitive about her diary because she tried to look every where and she blamed her brother without thinking weether it was actually him.

Spindle River
1 chapter
October had come to New Lanark.At night it was really foggy until in the morning when the sun broke through the mist.It was also very windy, the red and yellow leaves flew everywhere.Betty was playing with her friends.They each got one end of the rope and started twirling it and her other friends jump in.The bell rang to tell everyone that they needed to go to class.Betty's class quickly went into a single file line and waited for her teacher.During class Betty started humming an old song from Wick but her teacher caught her and Betty got in big trouble so she couldn't hum anymore. The classroom smelt like wet towels that were used to wipe of the chalk from their slates.Betty started to feel sick.
I connected with Betty because at school I have felt sick before.

I inferred that Betty's teacher is really strict because even though Betty was humming quietly she still got into big trouble.