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Speech on the Kea

BREAH Hi today I want to talk to you about a bird that is becoming extinct! And we all know that it is the Keas are becoming extinct because of us. There are only 5000 left in New Zealand?

The reason Keas are dying is because... Some Keas don't have nests small habitats so we need to save keas. Did you know wild Keas exsists only in the south island of New Zealand?

Here are some facts about Keas. That keas are really cute and colourful and did you also know that some keas can play chess .Did you know that some keas are protect

Did you know that some keas are a protected species? The Kea's habbitat are becoming destroyed by some of us humans. We are not giving the keas the right food like plastic bags,cans, wood these are some of the things that keas can not eat we should protected this animal and save there life's did you know that people have been the biggest threats to our kea.? Keas are special parrots that we have to protect to stop them from becoming extinct. They have bright colourful wings and if you have kids don't you want them to see these beautiful native species too!!!